A 2d platformer adventure game made by Tymon Harlender as a part of bachelor degree at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław, Poland - 2022.

You play as a freshly animated clay pot, on a quest to find out how
you came to be.

The game aims to showcase author's skills and possible future development/direction for the full release.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenrePlatformer, Adventure
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Non violent, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, Unity


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Loved it, would def play longer version!

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Very visually rich game, nicely done!  In addition to the artwork, your lighting was excellent (on the fireplace, especially), and the bloom effects on the stars were nice, too.  The sound effects added a lot for the boars (at several points in the game), the fires, and the dash/shoulder move (very satisfying move).  The gameplay functioned smoothly.  All very well done!  Your premise is only introduced here, but seems good for further development.

Some feedback that I hope is helpful: I would consider giving the player more visual cues as to what is jumpable ground.  Several items of ground blend into the background art, and there were some items that didn’t seem intuitively like something a person (or animated pot) could stand on, that I could stand on.  I almost gave up on the game at the point where you have to gain access to the roof for that reason. You might also consider adding ‘coyote time’ on the jumps, as I found myself missing threshold jumps fairly often.  Arrow-key movement in addition to WASD would also be nice for arrow types like me.

Your current itch color scheme doesn't allow commenters to see what they're typing (gray on gray), so I had to type this out elsewhere and then paste it. :)

Overall excellent game, nice job!

Hinman, I am delighted for your feedback, honestly, I didn't expect anyone to check my game out so fast, I was preparing it for a presentation that is later this week.

1. I use a dark internet reader that changes and messes with font color that's why I didn't notice that it's blending into the background. Fixed (I think)

2. I am aware that some platforms necessary to jump onto are blent in with the environment. I will make effort to make it more clear, however, it's a delicate balance for me, I don't want the props to look out of place.

3. The sound of the swine cooks is too aggressive right now after breaking in, I will record it again/redo the triggers.

4. About the coyote time - if the player is no longer touching the ground, for a fraction of the time the game should still allow him to press jump and/or disable gravitational push? I will add it to the next build, thank you.

5. Granted, arrow movement will also be included next time I update it.

Thanks again for your feedback, although unexpected it means a lot to me. I will try to make this demo the best version of itself but right now it serves as a showcase of my abilities.


Great!  Yes, comment text colors now look good. To be clear, I liked the swine sounds on break-in, but I also understand if you want to dial them back a little.  And yes, that's the idea on coyote time -- it's a weird thing, but it does improve gameplay feel.  Nice work, I'll look forward to future games!